Wayne Kirby -  Lead Guitar, Vocals
Darrell May - Bass, Vocals
Kody Owens - Drums, Vocals
Don Sharkey - Keyboards, Guitar & Vocals
Country, Rock & Blues
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for bookings contact: Don @ 713-962-8926 or Darrell @ 479-263-9172
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Dead Armadillos References

Fatty Hackers (Springdale)
Sylvia 479-502-2392

Springdale Elks
Hugh 479-466-2726

Crazy Horse Saloon (Prairie Grove)
Mandy 479-841-4984

Eagles (Altis)
Donna 479-213-2100

Eagles (Fort Smith)
Cheryl 479-806-1712

Moose Lodge (Springdale)
Vicky 479-586-2191

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